Your eyes tell you more about your health than you think

Most patients only think of the eye doctor when they want to renew their eyeglass or contact lens prescription. This patient came in, only wanting to get his glasses repaired or replaced.

During his eye exam, it was quickly apparent something was wrong. Based on his chief complaint of fluctuating vision and recent string of headaches, a quick scan of his eyes with Optomap retinal imaging showed signs of severe Papilledema, which is swelling of the optic nerve and bleeding inside the eye due to increased pressure in or around the brain.

Most eye doctors (optometrists and ophthalmologists) have the tools to diagnose and catch certain diseases and conditions early before they can affect the quality of your life for the worse or even before they show up in a blood test. If you haven’t had an eye exam in a while, or if you feel your vision is not optimal, or you’ve been having a lot of unexplained headaches, we urge you not to neglect a visit to your preferred local eye doctor.

At Iris Bright Optometry, Dr. Chang and her associates believe strongly in preventive care, which is why we invest heavily in diagnostic equipments like Optomap retinal imaging and our newly installed Optovue OCT Angiography to stay on top of the health of your precious eyes.

For our above patient, Dr. Chang’s quick action allowed him be seen by UCI medical team immediately for further treatment, which in turn saved his life.

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