UV exposure can negatively affect our eyes

Summer is here, school is out! Everyone likes to be outside having fun, having a picnic, playing sport, going to the beach… etc. But when is the last time you had your eyes checked?

Even when you see 20/20, do you have yellow bumps/spots in your eye? Do you have pink fleshy wedge-shaped tissue growing on the white part of your eye ball?

Those may be tell-tale signs of either sun damage, dry eyes, exposure to irritants like dust, sand, wind, chemicals… or a combination of all the above!

Pinguecula and Pterygium (Surfer’s Eyes) are common issues during summer time.

Book your eye exam today and make sure everything is OK!

So until you get seen by your favorite local optometrist, take care of your eyes:

  • wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from ultraviolet (UV) light
  • protect your eyes from dust by wearing glasses or goggles
  • use artificial tears when your eyes are dry

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