Medications like Xiidra™, RESTATIS® or Cequa™ address the persistent inflammation component of the ocular surface and tear film but does not resolve your clogged meibomian glands or eyelid inflammation.  For  blepharitis (eyelid inflammation), a hypochlorous acid spray such as Avenova® is faster acting and more effective.

Our eye doctor will determine when Xiidra™, RESTATIS® or Cequa™ is adequate for your dry eye treatment.  Depending on your symptoms and cause of dry eye, these medications can be complimentary to TearCare®.  Please note that these medications are not always covered by medical insurance, usually require pre-authorization, tend to be expensive and typically take at least 1-3 months to show result.

Starting a regimen on one of these medication is a long-term treatment option and patients should not start it unless they can commit to it.