There are currently only 4 treatment options available on the market that are based on the tried and true method of applying heat to the lids and expressing the meibomian glands:

  1. Lipiflow® from Johnson & Johnson Vision
  2. TearCare® from Sight Sciences
  3. iLux® from Alcon
  4. Thermoflo I and Thermoflow IIx dual from MiBo Medical Group

Our office has selected TearCare® as the best treatment for our patients due to its:

  • Proven effectiveness
  • Ability to work equally well with both large or small eyelids
  • Open-eyes system which allows patients to keep the eyes open during the treatment

Other adjunct meibomian gland therapies exist but they use different pathways for dry eye relief.  Most of them are based on lid debridement and/or reduction of inflammatory markers.   You can find them named as:  BlephEx, NuLids, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)… etc.

Please consult your optometrist or ophthalmologist to discuss which would work best for you.  Not all therapies will be available in your area or at your local eye doctor’s office.