Computer Vision Syndrome

Modern society has changed the way we use our visual system. Our frequent use of desk top computers, lab tops, tablets, and mobile devices all requiring viewing at near, which puts tremendous strain on our visual system, often leading to painful symptoms. Many of experience digital device OVERLOAD on a daily basis.

A breakthrough discovery in the field of neurology revealed that people experiencing symptoms like headaches, neck pain and eyestrain when using digital devices all shared a common trait: a misalignment in their vision.

Computer Vision Syndrome describes the eyes and brain reacting differently to the characters on the screen than they do to printed characters. Our eyes naturally focus on objects that have clearly defined edges. Characters on a computer screen, however, lack these sharp edges, making it difficult for the eyes to maintain focus. Specialized reading/computer glasses may help in reducing eye strain associated with computer use. In addition, if the eyes are not in alignment, the brain must do the work to compensate for the misalignment. The additional work puts stress on the trigeminal nerve (largest nerve in the brain) and is the nerve responsible for the majority of head, eye, and shoulder sensations. The over stimulation of the trigeminal nerve can lead to visually induced headaches, stiffness in neck/shoulders, discomfort with computer use, tired eyes, dry eye sensation, light sensitivity,and dizziness.

We have state-of-the-art instruments to properly and accurately measure the right prescription and to check for eye misalignment to create the correct prescription for your glasses to address your visual needs.

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