Re-ordering contact lenses online doesn’t mean you should avoid your optometrist

Last week, Hubble (the contact lens subscription manufacturer) got into some negative press because one of its customers developed a corneal ulcer after using their product. If left untreated, corneal ulcer can lead to blindness as quickly as within 24 hours and you’ll need a corneal transplant if you hope to see again.

Most people like to save money and at our office, Dr. Chang knows to match you with a brand/type of contact lenses that are both comfortable and that give you the best bang for your buck. (And yes, she can prescribe you Hubble contact lenses if you like them).

It is important for our patients to remember that contact lenses are medical devices. You are essentially putting a foreign-body device onto your eyeballs every day.

NOT ALL CONTACT LENSES ARE CREATED EQUAL! Some brands allow your eyes to breathe more than others…

When you see your eye doctor, he or she puts a lot of thoughts into prescribing the brand/types of contact lenses that will not only give you the best clarity, but also that will least likely cause you vision health issues.  You can and should always ask why he or she recommended a specific brand or type of contact lenses.

So trust your eye doctor and when in doubt, book an appointment. Your vision is worth it!

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