Prescription Eyeglasses

Change your glasses, change your look!

Prescription eyeglasses can be a wonderful way to show your personality.

With so many options from colors, to shape, to material, to lens type and brands, our partners at LensCrafters® can help you find the perfect fit. Whoever said that you had to look like a nerd with prescription eyeglasses?

We are proud to carry brands from Armani Exchange, Bulgari, Burberry, Coach, Dolce & Gabbana, Giorgio Armanai, Persol, Oakley, Prada, Polo Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren, Ray-Ban, Steroflex, Tiffany & Co., Tory Burch, Versace, Vogue… and more. There’s something right for everyone. Just speak with one of our LensCrafters eyewear consultants.

What should I consider when picking eyeglass lenses?

No matter what your eye condition or your prescription power, you can customize your lenses to meet your unique lifestyle and vision correction needs.

Most people make the mistake of spending the majority of their time picking a frame and not enough time on the lenses.

The frame you choose is important to both your appearance and your comfort in how they fit on your nose, but the lenses you choose influence your appearance, visual comfort, and safety.

Lens Material

  • Plastic: low cost with excellent optics, can get very thick if your prescription power is high. Ideal for anyone on a budget or for children who may change prescription power often year-to-year

  • Polycarbonate: type of plastic lens that’s thinner, lighter with great impact resistance

  • Hi-Index: thinnest and lightest lens available, perfect for anyone with stronger prescription

  • High Definition: a digital lens that reduces distortion, particularly around the edges of the lens in order to provide the highest level of detail and clarity in all lighting conditions. They are light and ultra-thin. Recommended for high index prescriptions

  • Anti-scratch: light lenses tend to have the softest surfaces which make them prone to scratches and abrasions. The softest eyeglass lens is also the one that is the most impact-resistant: polycarbonate. Adding an anti-scratch coating will improve the durability of your lenses. All high-index lenses already include anti-scratch coating.

  • Anti-reflective: anti-reflective (AR) coating makes all eyeglass lenses better. They are designed to reduce glare and reflections to improve contrast and clarity, especially during night driving. They help your eyes shine brighter behind your glasses by minimizing glare spots in photographs. Highly recommended to add on all Hi-Index lenses as Hi-Index lenses are prone to more glare due to how they reflect light.

  • Blue light filtering: reduces exposure to blue light from indoor lighting and digital devices

  • Photochromic: change from clear to dark when you go inside to outside. Like chameleons, they automatically adapt to their surrounding brightness from the sun’s UV

  • Polarization: helps minimize glare from the sun for better clarity when you’re outside.

  • UV blocking: UV light can be harmful to your eyes and can lead to age-related ocular diseases like cataract and macular degeneration (AMD).

Multi-Focal (bifocal and trifocal) and Progressive
If you’re over age 40 and need presbyopia vision correction so that you can see small print, you don’t have to settle with bifocal or trifocal lenses with lines. Progressive lenses give you a single, stylish solution so you can see clearly at all ranges: close, intermediate and far away.

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