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When It Comes To Myopia Progression, Earlier Intervention Is Better

Two LensCrafters leaseholders discuss their decision to incorporate myopia management into their practices

Remedies For Life - Bone Health

Inside: Vision Support - Blood Pressure Control - Snoring Relief

5 Things You Should Know About Contact Lens Wear And Coronavirus

What you need to know about COVID-19 and contact lenses There has been a lot of news lately...

Pandemic Clean Practice Procedures

COVID-19 Patient Protocols The safety and health of our patients, doctors and staff is our utmost concern.

An eye exam can save your life

Your eyes tell you more about your health than you think Most patients only think of the eye

Got a contact lens stuck? Don’t go to the ER!

A visit to your eye doctor may be better than to the ER This week, a patient came

Why you should visit your optometrist before re-ordering contact lenses online or before changing brand/types

Re-ordering contact lenses online doesn't mean you should avoid your optometrist Last week, Hubble (the contact lens subscription

Why you should always want eye dilation or retinal imaging every year during your eye exam

Checking the health of your eyes is important Most patients come to the eye doctor every year, only looking

Do you have sun damage in your eye?

UV exposure can negatively affect our eyes Summer is here, school is out! Everyone likes to be outside

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